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“Great session, I appreciated Dr. Marks’s experience, expertise and comments regarding management of pneumonitis in particular.”

“This was my first attempt at presenting a case with complete radiation treatment plan. It was a very easy to do and I really appreciated the feedback from Dr. Cohen. Thank you for your input about prognostic info with the HPV test for the T3N0 SCC R tonsi”

“Dr. Brizel encouraged more active input to medical oncologists regarding concurrent chemo regimens, which I will do with renewed effort now. I am going to try to use dobhoff tubes as an alternative to PEG when appropriate.”

“Having heard Dr. Mamon speak at ASTRO, I was excited to see that he had signed onto Chartrounds. His sessions are always outstanding. He is so thorough in discussing cases and if cases aren’t being presented, he will discuss his own cases or cover controversial topics in the field of GI oncology. Many of the discussions he voluntarily brings up end up being useful in answering questions at my own institutions’s tumor boards.”

“A very good session with Dr. Taghian. He helped me make sense of a very difficult case. He also had good suggestions for techniques to reduce heart in left sided breast fields.”

“This project is about changing the way we practice radiation oncology. We must not rely just on our own knowledge and experience but on our collective knowledge and experience, especially in new and rapidly changing areas.”

“Very thoughtful session. We discussed some very pragmatic treatment issues with Dr. Mamon. I enjoyed this session very much and will definitely sign up for more. This was the first session I have done…I will consider changing my practice.”

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