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Head and Neck Specialists

David Raben, MD

Professor of Radiation Oncology 
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Dr. David Raben trained at John Hopkins Hospital in radiation oncology,  is internationally recognized as an expert in the treatment of head and neck cancer, and is a professor at the University of Colorado Health. Over the past 20 years, Dr. Raben has focused on innovative radiation techniques to improve outcomes of head and neck cancer patients. In addition, he has interest and expertise in translational radiation oncology with a focus on delivery of precision drugs as well as exploration of molecular biomarkers and targets to enhance the effects of radiation therapy. From a national perspective, Dr. Raben remains an active participant in the NRG head and neck cancer steering committee and translational committee focusing on national, NCI approved clinical trials. In addition, Dr. Raben serves on the planning committees for the ASTRO HNC Symposiums and served as chair for the 2014 meeting. He has planned and implemented national meetings in targeted therapies and radiation in HNC over the past decade. Having developed the IMRT program in head and neck cancer at UCCC in 2002 he has continued to innovate with recent advances in submandibular and thyroid sparing approaches. Dr. Raben has successfully completed multiple Phase I trials using novel radio sensitizers in HNC. He currently is focused on studies related to combinations of DNA repair inhibitors or TGFb inhibitors with radiation.

Kenneth Hu, MD

Associate Professor
NYU School of Medicine
Attending NYU Langone Medical Center

Dr. Hu is an attending at NYU Langone Medical Center in the Dept of Radiation Oncology. He is Professor of Otolaryngology and Radiation Oncology at NYU. He is Co-Director of the NYU Head and Neck Institute. He completed residency at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center followed by a one year brachytherapy fellowship at Beth Israel. Dr. Hu’s clinical interests include the research and treatment of head and neck. He was extensively involved in the development of intraoperative radiation therapy program (IORT) for recurrent head and neck cancer. He has an internationally recognized reputation in head and neck cancer and holds leadership positions in the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology, International Society of Intraoperative Radiotherapy as well as New York Head and Neck Society. He serves as oral and written examiner for American Board of Radiology and is a reviewer for multiple academic journals. He is a former chair of the International Education Subcommittee for ASTRO to promote global health education initiatives and past director and instructor for the ASTRO annual meeting econtouring program.

David Sher, MD

Professor of Radiation Oncology
Department of Clinical Science
UT Southwestern Medical Center

A board-certified radiation oncologist, Dr. Sher is an active participant in several national committees of the American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and is an associate senior editor for the prominent International Journal of Radiation Oncology ● Biology ● Physics. Dr. Sher has extensive experience in the formal teaching of residents, fellows and post-docs, and has authored numerous papers advancing the field of radiation oncology.

Treating head and neck cancer has been Dr. Sher’s focus since the beginning of his medical career. He additionally has a strong interest in treating patients with stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) and founded the SBRT program at Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Brigham and Women’s Hospital.

Dr. Sher holds a secondary appointment at UT Southwestern in the Department of Clinical Science’s Division of Outcomes and Health Services Research. In this role, he will lead efforts to further characterize the benefits of different types of radiation treatments, including heavy particle therapy.

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