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GU Specialists - Medical Oncology

L Michael Glode, MD

Professor of Medical Oncology
University of Colorado Medical School

Dr. Glode has a long standing interest in GU oncology. He was PI on the study leading to approval of leuprolide and is currently PI on the only national NCI sponsored adjuvant treatment protocol for high risk prostate cancer patients following surgery. His laboratory interests include studies on a toxin-conjugate of GnRH which appears capable of directly killing tumor cells aberrently expressing the GnRH receptor as well as eliminating pituitary gonadotropes. He has additional funded research evaluating the efficacy of a flavanone found in milk thistle, silibinin. This interesting polyphenol has significant anti-tumor activity in animal models and no apparent toxicity. An ongoing study is evaluating the human tolerance (Phase I) and lab studies continue to look at its efficacy as a bladder cancer prevention agent. and enhancer of chemotherapeutic agents.

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