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Breast Specialists

Silvia Chiara Formenti, M.D

I have been fortunate to successfully converge my radiobiology and clinical research interests in the care of many cancer patients. Specifically, in the past decade our group has demonstrated that local radiotherapy can contribute to immune rejection of cancer: in the presence of immune checkpoint blockade (anti-CTLA-4, anti-PDL-1) the irradiated tumor becomes an immunogenic hub, similar to a vaccine. Consistently some patients with metastatic tumors can then reject metastasis that were not irradiated, a mechanism called “abscopal effect”. The contribution of localized radiotherapy significantly enhances the success of modern immunotherapy, offering an additional application to radiation, a standard and accessible anti-cancer therapy. With immunotherapy acquiring an important role in the management of most cancer patients, it is very exciting to be able converge radiotherapy as a powerful adjuvant to this approach. Another distinct area of our investigation regards perfecting ways to best irradiate the breast tissue in breast cancer while completely sparing the heart and lungs, eliminating the risk of late cardiovascular and lung toxicity after radiation.

Dorothy Lombe, M.D.

Coordinator, Training Program
Cancer Diseases Hospital 

Dr. Dorothy Lombe, a Zambian medical/radiation oncologist and the Coordinator of Cancer Diseases Hospital Training Program who specializes in giving chemotherapy and radiation therapy to cancer patients. While she treats all cancers, her preferred expertise is in the area of gynecologic and breast malignancies.

CEO and Founder, an organization that addresses cancer prevention and early detection, treatment navigation and survivorship.

Recipient of the Conquer Cancer Foundation International Development and Education Award (IDEA) in 2016 and now the Long-term International Fellowship (LIFe)

Dr. Lombe is a clinical and radiation oncologist at the Cancer Diseases Hospital in Zambia. During her Long-term International Fellowship year, she is training at BC Cancer Agency, Canada, under the mentorship of Dr. Juanita Crook. She is a member of ASCO’s Resource-Stratified Guideline Advisory Group.

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