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How Chartrounds Works


1) Register as a new member on home page


2) Log in as a member with your password


3) Register for a session by clicking on the session you wish to attend on the list of sessions,  in the left corner of the blue box pop up, hit register again


4) Upcoming sessions will be stored in your personal calendar until the session is completed


5) Fill out the submit case form and treatment plan images or just listen in

On day of Session

6) Login to the members area and click JOIN MEETING

How to attend a Chartrounds Session

  1. Register as a new member on the home page by clicking the green button “Become a Member”.
  2. Login to your account to get into the members area
  3. In the members area, scroll down the page until you see a tab titled “Schedule a New Session”. Under this tab you will see a list of all upcoming sessions.
  4. Click “register” on the right side of the screen, for the session you wish to join. When a window pops up, click “register” again.
  5. If you wish to present a case, click the “submit case” link next to your meeting to enter information about your case and submit images.
  6. Before joining a meeting, make sure you are working on a device with a functioning speaker and microphone. If working on a smartphone, download the app “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” before beginning.
  7. At the time and date of your session, log on to chartrounds and scroll down to the tab at the top of the members area, titled “my upcoming sessions”. Click “join meeting” next to the session.
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