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Program Requirements


  • Membership is available only for medical doctors:  practicing radiation oncologists or medical oncologists or surgeons or medical physicists or dosimetrists
  • For the security and integrity of the site, and for compliance purposes, registrations are authenticated by the chartrounds staff
  • Before scheduling privileges are activated, users must review and agree to the Terms of Use

Everyone who accesses any Chartrounds site must agree to the Chartrounds Terms of Use and review our Privacy Policy.


Members schedule sessions on a first come, first served, space-available basis. There is no limit to members who wish to listen in only.

Participants should try to submit their case presentation in the session registration area prior to the scheduled session.

Each session lasts one hour and starts promptly at the scheduled time.

Chartrounds understands that physicians may need to cancel a planned session at the last minute due to circumstances beyond their control. We ask that members notify us if possible.

Chartrounds reserves the right to suspend or terminate a Charter Membership at its discretion.

Peer Review

peer-review certificate will be available to you at your request at the completion of your session. The certificate simply states that peer review was performed on your submitted case.  This will be available to print in your chartrounds personel member file.

Code of Conduct

All users of Chartrounds will interact in a friendly, professional, and respectful manner at all times during Chartrounds sessions. Unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated and your membership will be immediately revoked if Chartrounds determines that your interactions are disruptive to workings of the peer group.

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