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Submitted Case

Head and Neck Specialist David Sher
1. Submitted Case
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Patient Information: (Do not provide name of the patient)
  52 yo male, presented with hoarseness, cough, right neck mass
  High grade spindle cell sarcoma
  4 cm mass right centered just below carotid bifurcation. Common carotid artery encased by tumor.
  T2 N0 M0 G3, stage IIIA
Overall Oncology Management Plan
Surgery (biopsy)
  Because of adherence to vessels and nerve, tumor removed piecemeal until margins appeared to be clear
Chemotherapy (if given, what is the regimen)
  3 cycles of doxorubicin, ifosfamide, Mesna
Radiation Therapy (fields, dose)
  70 Gy to tumor bed, including clips; levels II and III right neck
Radiation Treatment Plan
Treatment fields review
  Three dose levels – 70 Gy, 66 Gy, 54 Gy. This was done sequentially rather than SIB to keep 2 Gy per fx
  2 Gy x 27 fx = 54 Gy; boost 1 to 66 Gy; boost 2 to 70 Gy
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  Head and Neck Specialist David Sher
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