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Patient Information: (Do not provide name of the patient)
  Infiltrating carcinoma consistent with breast primary involving R axilla skin.
  MRI: Right Breast: 23 mm mass in the right axilla. Findings are consistent with the known malignancy. At least 3 suspicious level 1 axillary lymph nodes. PET: Mass in the right axilla measures 1.8 x 1.5 cm, SUV 9. Several enlarged hypermetabolic right axillary lymph nodes(level I and II).
  SKIN, RIGHT AXILLA BIOPSY #1&2: Infiltrating carcinoma consistent with breast primary involving skin. Breast markers: ER: Positive; >90% of tumor cells with strong intensity. PR: Positive; 10% of tumor cells with moderate intensity. HER2 by IHC: Negative staining. The findings are most consistent with an infiltrating breast carcinoma involving the dermis of skin. Paget's disease or lymphatic invasion is not seen. RIGHT AXILLA, LYMPH NODE, CORE NEEDLE BIOPSY: Positive for metastatic carcinoma.
  T3N1. Exam: 6cm indurated, smooth, dermal plaque in R axilla with overlying retention hyperkeratosis and tethering in the middle.
Overall Oncology Management Plan
Surgery (biopsy)
  Likely local
Chemotherapy (if given, what is the regimen)
  dose dense Adriamycin and cyclophosphamide followed by weekly paclitaxel
Hormone Therapy
  endocrine Rx post RT
Radiation Therapy (fields, dose)
  This is the question.
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  Breast Specialist Dr. Abe Recht – September 22, 2023
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