5 Steps to Getting Started

                5 Steps to Getting Started

1. Become a Member : Fill in your member profile, and review the terms of use and privacy policy.  We will verify that you are a radiation oncologist or medical physicist.

The internet connection download will automatically be sent to your email. Open it and click "download " onto your computer.  If you download the link onto your treatment planning computer you will be able to show your actual treatment plans during the chartrounds session. Alternatively you can make PDF files of your treatment plans or scans and show them from any computer.

2. Schedule a Session with your Peers and the Specialist on the calendar in the Members Area.

3. Submit your Case in the Members Area.

5. "Join Meeting" at the scheduled time.  After each session please fill out the Feedback Form to receive 1 CME credit per session and to accumulate proof of participation for your PQI project (see PQI section for details).